Are You Feeding Your Business?

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Just like there are all kinds of ways to feed your body, your mind, and your soul, there are many ways to feed your business.

The important thing is for you to be feeding your business on a regular basis. Although you are not your business, when you feed yourself, you feed your business…

This isn’t about feeding your business food as much as it is about you feeding your mind. As you grow, so does your business.

What are you learning?  What kinds of things are you seeking out to help you grow as a person and as a business owner and leader?

As a business owner you need to know a little bit about a lot of things…especially in the beginning of your business when you have to do more of the day-to-day things. As you grow your business and it gets bigger and more profitable, then you can hand off more of the tasks you aren’t as good at or that you just don’t want to do. That’s when it tends to be more of a challenge to keep growing and learning because you aren’t being forced to learn new things – because you’re hiring more things out to specialists while you focus on your unique abilities.

What are you feeding yourself? What are you feeding your brain?

Are you growing or stagnating in your life and your business?

If you’re feeling stuck or like you aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like and you want 2018 to be different (in measureable ways), send an email to and we’ll set up a time to chat to see if I can help you.

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