Are You Ok?

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When somebody asks you if you’re alright, or says “how are you doing” do you automatically, without thinking tell them you’re good, or ok?

“How’s business?”
You reply, “it’s good (or great).”

“How are you doing?”
You say, “I’m good, how about you?”

“Are you ok?”
You respond, “Yea, I’m good.”
Or “I’m fine.”

Sound familiar?

I saw a young child take a nasty fall (out of a moving car) over the weekend and this was the response of the person who picked her up and whisked her away.

And it got me thinking how many times we all do this. In life and in business.

Is it because we’re not really listening to the question.
Do we do it because we don’t think the person asking really cares or wants to know the answer?
Are we embarrassed to admit we might need some help in life?
Do you fear being judged?

Maybe it’s a little bit of all of that. Maybe it depends on when you’re asked.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we think we have to be independent, have all the answers, know everything and do it all on our own.

That’s actually some of the worst thinking you can have as a business owner.

And, the exact opposite is true…
You absolutely can’t do it all, know it all or run your business by yourself. If you try, you’ll be overwhelmed and probably burnout pretty fast.

I’ve been in business for more than 30 years and I can’t even send my weekly newsletter to my list without help. It’s not my strong suit. So, I let people who are doing these kinds of things every day, who know more about it do it for me.

If you’re thinking I can do that because I’ve reached a level of success, I get it. I’ve had help in my business pretty much since the beginning. Not full time, just people to help me with certain things. It was a stretch. And so worth it. I wouldn’t change anything – except to have gotten more help sooner in more areas.

I want to focus as much of my time and energy on the things I’m uniquely qualified to do – and there are only 5 things in that category.

Read that again… I invest 80-95% of my time in my business working ON a maximum of 5 areas – the only things I am excellent at and love. I leave the rest to others (this is a process and has taken time to get to).

How are you really?

The next time somebody takes the time to ask you, give them a real answer and see what happens. You may end up helping each other in ways you never imagined.

To Your Success –

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