Are You Prepared?

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It was a crazy summer!  With natural disasters…hurricanes, fires, and more…and there were also some strange things that happened in the marketing and business world too.

Are you prepared for what will happen next…in the world, in life and in your business?

The challenges arise, at least in part, because we tend to prepare at the last minute instead of doing things well ahead of time. 

Think about it…

It’s human nature

Do you stock supplies all year long in case a natural disaster strikes? Do you have enough canned goods and non-perishable items in your home to last a few days if you can’t get out? What about water?

We tend to wait until the last minute for things. It’s why the stores run out of water, food, batteries, and other essentials just before a hurricane or other natural disaster.

Having lived in Florida for 8 years, during hurricane season we always kept the pantry full, a couple extra cases of bottled water in the house and batteries in the bottom drawer in the refrigerator.  Just in case.

As a Girl Scout, our motto was be prepared.

Are you? Are you prepared?

Most of us are no more prepared in our businesses as we are in our homes, for struggles and down turns or leaner times.

This isn’t about judgment…it’s about human nature.

The question is, if you own a business, you also need to understand human nature so you can be somebody who can step in to help when your clients need you. So you can be the go-to person or company when there is a need.

Understanding human nature is a big part of owning a business, and of marketing.  If you understand how people think, and what makes them tick, you can be very successful in business – and in life in general.

You don’t have to look very far for this information either, because you’re a person, so you can always study your behavior and the behavior of those around you to see how people react and then come up with solutions to help.

I’ve done this many times in my own business.  For example, I developed a whole system around social media, when it first became popular, because people around me where saying they needed to understand how to make money with this media.  Then, they wanted done-for-you services, so we added those as well.

Staying ahead of people’s wants and needs is a great way to keep growing your business.

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