Are You Still Learning?

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Do you learn something new every day?

Do you read and observe in an attempt to pull a lesson out of every situation – good and those that are challenging as well?

I’m constantly looking for lessons and things I can use in my business or share with clients and other business owners so they can grow and take their businesses to the levels they desire.

Sometimes, those lessons come to me in the most unexpected places.

A sermon at church.
A restaurant enjoying a meal.
Walking into a store.
On the phone with a vendor, team member or customer service rep.
Driving down the street.
Looking out my office window…

Last week there were enough lessons to write a book – from one webinar that took the internet by storm. And from a person so many people had never heard of before.

What always surprises me when something big happens – whether it lasts for years, months, weeks, days or mere minutes – is the naysayers and the haters that pop up.

There’s always something to learn – even if you disagree with someone or think they could have done something differently.
Why throw shade? Why bad mouth?

Just move along. Keep it to yourself.

Sometimes we forget that everybody has feelings. And everybody is somebody’s son, daughter, mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, etc.

Just because you wouldn’t do something, or do it a certain way, doesn’t make it wrong!

And it might not be right for you, but it doesn’t mean it’s not right for other people.

And, in case you’re about to remind me that I talked about all this last week – you’re right – in an effort to point out how you could learn from it without making mistakes that simply jumping to the conclusion that you should do the exact same thing might cause.

Learn from everything!

Take all the lessons you can from everything that happens to you in your life and business.

And when it doesn’t fit for you – or doesn’t fit for you right now – just leave it where it is. Scroll on without commenting. Or write something out all about how you think it’s the wrong thing, and then file it away in your computer without publishing it.

No matter what you think about last week’s internet storm… it accomplished a lot – to include probably making some money and getting him some new clients (I say probably because I don’t know the inner workings of his business to say for sure). And it got his book way higher on the Amazon list than not doing the promotion – that I’m sure of!

To Your Success –

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