Big Rocks

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You may have seen the video of the professor putting rocks in a jar and asking his students if the jar is full. Most think it is, until he adds gravel and asks again. He then adds sand in the spaces all the way to the top of the jar. Again, asking if the jar is full. When the entire class has agreed it is, he pours water in the jar until it overflows.

Now, the jar is full!

Last week in the mastermind I lead, we talked about how this scenario is different in business. Too many business owners focus on the sand and the gravel instead of the big rocks.

And some focus on too many big rocks…

In your business, if you focus on all the little minor details (the sand and the gravel – you’ll stay busy (and, oh, how we love to be busy). You’ll probably be totally overwhelmed. Just not productive!

What you might not realize is focusing on too many big rocks can also be a problem.

The big rocks are your big projects, the things that are important and necessary. (Not emergencies and things that pop up last minute).

Think about it… how many things can you really handle at one time?

How many big projects can your team handle at one time?

How many things can you Focus on at once?

Three is my number! (Never one, one is the worst number in business – because if you’re only focused on one thing, and it doesn’t work, you’re potentially out of business or at the very least, you’re scrambling and likely in panic mode).

Three is usually my maximum. And the number I talk to my clients about.

It doesn’t always mean you have 3 things going at the same time, but you have 3 things in the plan – or you’re working on the next 3 things you’re planning to do.

Don’t get me wrong…

The details matter. They matter a lot… and that doesn’t mean you have to be the one doing all of them.

You should stick to the big rocks… not too many… and never just one…

If you do the big rock work (planning, strategizing, etc.) the gravel, sand and water will get filled in.

Need big rock help? Or help with the details?

Let me know.

To Your Success –

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