Bright Shiny Objects… And People!

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Alex Hormozi…

He and what he did on a webinar this past Saturday were the BSOS (Bright Shiny Object Syndrome) of the weekend!

Wow! It was amazing to watch and read all that went on.

Some had never heard of him before. Some were devout, long-time followers, and some became overnight fans!

In case you didn’t see it, there was an offer after several hour webinars to get all his courses and books for free! That’s right… No charge… for everything!

And the internet went crazy with people immediately saying this is the next big thing… let’s give our stuff away for free!

  • Was there any thought to this?
  • Was there any strategy behind this idea to change?
  • Did they do anything but watch a webinar and decide to change everything about their business?

And as predicted, all kinds of things started popping up – including people offering services related to what they thought they heard on the webinar.

Do you want to know why you shouldn’t immediately change everything about your business when a new person, product or service pops into your awareness?

The main reason you want to be cautious before you jump is your business probably isn’t in the same place as the person you’re looking to model or copy.

In this particular case, the bank has tens of millions of dollars. He can afford to lose some money – my guess is if he never made another dollar in his business, he’d be ok money-wise… would you?

Do you know what the strategy was for this particular model? Do you have a strategy?

What’s the back end of this promotion look like? Do you even have a back end in your business?

He’s making money on “implementation and transformation”. Can you make money in that arena? Do you want to?

Can you produce thousands of unique pieces of good content to draw attention to your business every week, consistently for the next 52 weeks?

I could go on and on, but this would be more like a book than an article if I did.

The bottom line is before you jump into trying to copy or do what somebody else is doing, think about it first, gather some data, develop a strategy, ask yourself… is this the best way for me to move forward in MY business?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is a bad strategy. I’m not even saying you shouldn’t do it – or some version of it.

What I am saying is Before you jump in – THINK, STRATEGIZE, PLAN!

Then act…

As always, test small and then roll it out as its success grows… that way you minimize your risk.

Remember, you can’t multiple zeros… you can, but it’s always the same number – Zero!

Finally, be careful who you listen to – people will come out of the woodwork with all sorts of things to sell you and make money within the coming days and weeks (I’ve already seen some). People don’t become experts in things overnight… or from watching one webinar!

To Your Success –

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