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Are you a control freak?

Come on…

Admit it!

Most entrepreneurs are!

It’s what got you to a certain level of success.

And it’s what will hold you back from achieving other, bigger levels of success if you don’t give it up.

Think about it…

How much do you really control anyway?

Control what matters, what you can, and let go of the rest.

You’ll be happier, have more fun and be more fun to be around.

And you might just be surprised by what happens in your life and business.

I love this quote…

“You don’t have to be in control of everything when you realize everything is under control.”

It came from church this past Sunday, but even if you aren’t a believer, read it again. There is so much truth in those words.

So many times, the concept of control is an illusion.

We hold onto things with an iron grip when if we’d just let go and stop trying to control everything, it would be a lot easier and simpler.

I’m not saying it’s easy (at first), but it will be worth it. And unlike many things, the results of letting go show up fast. Starting with the tension you carry in your
body – think about how that will feel!

What are you trying to control right now that you can let go of?

To Your Success –

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