Do Squirrels Distract You?

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Are you easily distracted during the day as you’re trying to implement and accomplish the things you need to get done?

I call it B.S.O.S. or Bright Shiny Object Syndrome!

Did you know that studies have found that every time you are distracted during the day or are interrupted, it takes you 13 minutes to get back on task? Pretty amazing huh? That means if you‘re distracted even as few as 4 times during the day, it costs you an hour of productivity.

One of the things I recommend (in addition to time blocking and protecting your time at all costs) is to have a place that is uniquely yours when you’re working. That probably means you don’t work in bed or in the living room on the recliner or sofa (if that works for you then great, keep doing it). For me, it also means I can’t go to a public place where there is noise and a lot of other people because I can’t concentrate in that environment.

I said this the other day when I was speaking and it seemed to strike a chord, so I’m going to say it again here. The key to all of this is to sit your bottom in the chair and work during the hours and the time you have designated as your work time…don’t answer email, clean your office, or do anything but work on what you have on your calendar.

Now, at first, this may seem like a not so fun way to work, that lacks spontaneity and your ability to control your life…in fact, it is just the opposite. AND, if you do this for a while, it will allow you to take more time off because you’ll be more focused and you’ll be more productive. If it seems like it won’t work for you, I’d like to challenge you to try it for 2 weeks and see what happens.

And, if you really want to increase your productivity and discover how much fun you can have while getting a lot done, join me at the “Implementation Coaching Event™” Atlanta, Georgia, June 11 & 12th!

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