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Agree or Disagree?

I saw this posted several times on social media in the last week or so and every time, people jump on the bandwagon of agreeing with this statement.

Except me…

My response was if you really feel that way, you’re doing something wrong!

Very wrong…

My guess is most of the people who responded in agreement are true solopreneurs.

Doing everything by themselves with no help. Not leveraging in your business can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and overwhelm.

Owning your own business isn’t always easy… if it were, everyone would do it.

But the rewards should far outweigh any pain, stress or work you do for it.

Sure, there will be times when you’re working hard, or a lot or hours, or there’s a large amount of stress and tension. That happens in life and in business. And your business will almost always imitate and mirror life.

There are also times (or there should be) when you’re coasting and it’s easy and everything is in flow.

And, everything in between.

The other thing to remember is it’s easy to jump on the yes bandwagon. To agree with something just because it seems right on the surface.

Stop. Think. Make up your own mind.

Ask yourself… is this really true? Is it true for me?

And, more importantly… should it be true… and should it be true for me?

Once you have your answer – and not just the yes man answer – then you will know how to proceed.

You might want to keep it like it is. If so, then don’t complain about it – because ultimately, it’s your choice.

Or, you might want to change it. If you want to change your situation, then get on it now!

Take action. Do what you need to do to make it better.

Lead the way.

And know there’s always help out there if you really want it!

To Your Success –

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