Funnel Myths

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Sam had a great program.

Great products.

Want To Make More? One Simple Thing… Guaranteed!He needed more sales.

He was getting traffic.

It wasn’t converting.

He couldn’t understand why.

So, we looked at the one simple report and the answer popped right out at me!

His open rate was better than average…

That indicated to me that the email headlines were working to get the emails opened… good job!

The problem was people weren’t clicking on the links that lead to the sales page – that number was extremely low.

Sam immediately wanted to start working on the entire “funnel”. After all, it wasn’t working right?

Sam jumped to the same conclusion most people who don’t fully understand funnels (or nurture sequences or whatever you’re calling yours now – as the names change but it’s the same thing) jump to.

My Funnel is broken!


We know at least part of its broken… maybe NOT the whole thing!

Increasing the conversion of your marketing funnels isn’t an all or nothing endeavor.

You typically don’t have to scrap the whole sequence when part of its not working.

Sometimes you do, but it’s not always the case. In my experience it’s not even usually the case.

Many times, one small tweak here or there can take a poor performing “funnel” and turn it into one that performs well.

Sometimes, it’s changing a word or two, or a paragraph. Sometimes it’s a slight change to the call to action.

It just depends.

In Sam’s case we reworded the first two emails in the five-email funnel/sequence and his numbers went from a 2-6% click through rate to a 25% click through rate.

We’re now working on making that even better.

Things have turned around for Sam.

The big myths people lock into related to funnels are…

MYTH #1: Once you build a funnel you can sit back and watch the cash roll in
TRUTH: Funnels aren’t a one and done kind of thing. You have to monitor them on a regular basis.

MYTH #2: You can have somebody “build you a funnel” and every piece of it is going to magically work.
TRUTH: Like anything else sometimes things work well the first time and sometimes it takes some modifying and tweaking. Pretty much every part of your business needs to be monitored, tested and modified.

If you have somebody “build your funnel”, make sure part of the agreement is for them to come back and modify it if there are parts of it that aren’t converting as well as you’d like.

MYTH #3: There’s a magic formula or software that will build your funnels for you and they will magically work, be successful and make you a boatload of money.
TRUTH: There’s no magic anything! You’re the magic! Even with software you still have to write the copy, load the emails into your system and monitor your results to maximum your investment.

Here’s a bonus myth for you…

Funnels don’t have to be 954 emails long, or 79, or even 17! Sometimes a simple 3 to 7 step system will get you the best results. Other times you need more.

The answer is you want to test to see what’s best for you and your conversions.

Have questions or need help with your marketing sequences or funnels? Reach out and let’s chat. I’ve been working with funnels since before we even called them that! I’d love to help you make more money!

To Your Success –

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