How To Customize Your Business

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You have to know certain things about your business…

…and if you don’t then you just aren’t serious about building a business that will sustain you and your life over time.

That was a bold statement I made before the video (I hope you watched the video) AND, it’s true.

Do you know how big your list is?

Do you know what it costs you to get a client?

Do you know what you Return On Investment (ROI) is on all your marketing campaigns?

Do you know your numbers?

In most cases, I can stump a business owner in less than 3 questions when I’m trying to get to know more about their business.

Why are these things important?

When you know things about your business and you know that you know, you can make better business decisions about everything in your business.

When I say everything I mean everything.  How do you know when you can afford to hire somebody to help you if you don’t know how much you’re making? How do you know if you can afford to invest more in Facebook ads, for example, if you don’t know what your ROI was on your current ad?

“Your Business Your Way™”

How do you know?

Be realistic about where you are in your business…about where you’re going in your business. Even about what you truly want…if you can’t be realistic and honest with yourself, then you sure can’t be honest with your coach or anybody who is helping you build your business either.

Do you want a kiss-ass business and life?

What are you willing to do to have what you want?

Not what you say you’re willing to do, but what are you really willing to do – no matter what?

“Your Business Your Way™”

I relate so much to what Will Smith says. He says he isn’t smarter than anybody else, have no more advantages than anybody else, but he is willing to outwork everybody else…will you work when everyone else is sleeping?, will you invest in yourself until it’s a little uncomfortable?, will you push yourself beyond where you think you can go?, will you…

Will you really?

Here’s a stretch for you —

If you’re really willing to stretch, if you’re really willing to do whatever it takes, if you’re really ready, then I challenge you to get to “Your Business Your Way™”

In Lexington, Kentucky, April 4-5 (yes, I know it’s less than a week away, and I know what a plane ticket costs, and I know it means days away from all the important things in your life and your business) to spend two days working on your business with things that really matter.

No pie in the sky, real results…

Walk away with your plan for the next 90 days, get your current #1 business challenge solved, implement, be productive, and increase your profits…in 2 days! – there are only 5 seats left!


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