Investing In The Right Marketing Tools

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With all the talk of the Super Bowl winding down, I thought this might be a good time to address a question I seem to be getting a lot lately.

How do you know when it’s the right time to invest in certain tools for your business, AND how do you know which tools are right for you?

There is no one tool that fits every situation so you want to be sure to pick the right tool for you and your business…and ensure it’s the right tool for where you are now in your business, as well as, for where you’re going.

There’s no reason to invest in tools based solely on where you are now, as you will outgrow them quickly and just have to make another investment in another tool.  My advice is to always think about where you want your business to be – always think about what you’re building – and invest on that level if you’re financially able to.

In other words, always treat your business as if it were a big business.  This will save you the hassles of having to move things over from system to system as your business grows.  It will also save you a lot of time in the long run because when you treat your business like it’s a big business you will make different (and better) decisions overall.

There are certain things you need to run your business like the ability to take credit cards, track your expenses and profits, and a whole host of other things – too many people underestimate what these things are when they are new to business.  This is especially true when you’re thinking about the right tool for handling your list and your marketing. Think bigger than you are now so you can grow into your systems and not have to recreate things as your grow – doing that will only slow your growth down.

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