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I think of myself as a pretty logical person, but I never really thought about it in terms of business and how I relate to it.

I comment on social media, in groups and in different areas in an effort to be helpful.

Last weekend I commented on a post in a marketing group I’ve been part of for a long time.

The person asking the question was so set on one thing they lost sight of what was important.

The real goal was getting people into his place of business. They were so focused on getting people to opt-in they were actually repelling people. So, I made some suggestions to help the business owner achieve what they were aiming for.

Pretty soon, I got a reply from a guy who I see in the group a lot and comments on my comments occasionally. He said I had given another logical reply. I asked him if that was good or bad, and he said it was good.

The interaction got me thinking.

Most things in life, and business, certainly most challenges, are solved with some calm, logical thoughts.

The problem with that is that for so many of us, it’s harder to be calm and logical when you’re in the middle of what feels like a fire in your life or business.

It’s hard to be objective when you’re in the woods, looking for a way out.

Panic can easily set in when you’re lost and can’t find your way.

One of the best reasons to have a coach is for the different perspective. Having somebody who isn’t in the woods with you helps you find your way out.

You’ve heard the expression, “you can’t see the forest for the trees.” It applies perfectly here. A good coach can see both the forest and the trees and help you in ways you can’t even imagine…or see.

If you’re looking for that person in your business, let’s chat. I might be that for you. I might not. But if we’re not a fit, I can recommend somebody who will be.

Are you a forest or trees person?

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