Overcoming The Odds

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It’s college softball tournament time and last weekend was the first round of regionals.

Friday evening I tuned in to watch my alma mater, the University of Missouri (Mizzou), play their first game. They were ranked #7 and should have easily beaten Omaha – who was unranked.

Well, they play the games for a reason… Mizzou got beat.

Well… the haters and non-believers came out of the woodwork. Social media was full of them.

In case you aren’t familiar, in the regionals you have to lose twice before you’re out of the tournament, and there are four teams in each region.

That meant Missouri had to win 2 games Saturday to advance to meet Omaha on Sunday and they would have to beat them twice to win the regional. The odds are less than 20% that this will happen.

But, it did!!! Missouri won. It was exciting (too exciting for me) as there was no score going into the ninth inning (softball usually plays 7 innings) when Mizzou finally scored.

The odds were against them…

Many of their “fans” didn’t believe in them.

But… they did it anyway!

Sound familiar?

I know so many entrepreneurs and business owners who let other people determine their destiny. They let other people talk them into and out of things. They let other people make them feel like winners or losers. (All these people are well meaning – they think they’re protecting you… what they’re really doing is holding you back and squashing your dreams).

Your success (winning and losing) is in your hands. Don’t ever let anybody convince you otherwise. Don’t ever allow yourself to feel less than because of what somebody else did – or said.

You, and you alone, are the magic.

You determine your outcomes and your success.

Nobody else.

Even when the odds are against you. Even when they appear to be stacked against you.

Your actions. Your mindset. Your opinion – – – it’s ALL that matters.

Go have the success you want!

Exceed every expectation!

If you do, the haters will disappear… like they did last weekend when Mizzou won!

To Your Success –

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