Secrets To A Successful “Launch”

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You may have heard the term “launch” used in many different ways and to mean different things.

And, the meaning seems to have changed many times as well…

When you hear the word launch these days, it usually just means somebody is coming out with a new program, product or service and they want you to know about it.  It could be something new, or it could be something that you’ve had for a while and you want to make people aware of it again (and you might have updated it…which is a great reason to re-launch something).

Rarely, anymore, do you hear about “launches” like they use to be used when you went out and got 10-12 partners and everyone sent emails and notices about this amazing new thing that was happening and then there was a webinar or “event” when you could get the thing.  It does still happen, but it’s lost some of its appeal it seems.

Marketers bragged about $1 million launches and whole companies popped up to help you with your “launch”.

Should you be launching a program, product or service? As the new year approaches, it’s the perfect time to look at what you have now and what you did in 2019 that worked and what didn’t work as well and make adjustments. It’s also the perfect time to think about what you want to add, if anything, in 2020 to your current offerings.

This is part of what we will be doing at the “Plan, Grow & Succeed™” event November 7-8, 2019, in Atlanta!

Imagine, after only 2-days, walking away with your entire marketing calendar done for next year – based on YOUR goals, and how YOU want to change and run your business for the next 12 months…ALL DONE!

AND, the exact things you need to do every single day for the first 90 days so you are quickly on your way to success your way!

That, and more in 2 full days…more details are at!

See you there!

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