Thanking Yourself… When Was The Last Time You Did?

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I don’t usually watch awards shows. I didn’t watch the Emmy’s last week, but I saw some of the speeches and a lot of the winners on social media.

As I was scrolling through Instagram last Tuesday morning, I saw Niecy Nash’s acceptance speech. She was excited to have won.

One of the first things she said was “I’m a winner baby”.

My first thought was “you were a winner before you got this Emmy” but I knew what she meant. The rush of the win.

She thanked a lot of people, to include “the most high” and then she said…

“You know who I want to thank. I want to thank me. For believing in me and for doing what they said I could not do. And I want to say to myself, in front of all you beautiful people, go on girl with your bad self. You did that.”

She went on to accept the award on behalf of other brown and black women and she named a few specifically.

I watched and listened to her a few times and each time I was moved by the idea that she thanked herself.

She got some laughs in the audience… a few people stood and clapped… but the crowd was abuzz the whole time she was talking.

As people laughed at her thanking herself – more at her words and the way she did it, I hope, than her words – I was struck by them.

How many times have you thanked yourself for your accomplishments?

Growing up a farm girl, in a small town, rural Ohio, I’m sure nobody expected me to end up where I am or with the success I’ve worked for.

I know for sure none of my college friends thought I’d go to graduate school.
And being an entrepreneur… well, sometimes, that one still shocks me.

One of the things I talk a lot about with my clients is celebrating wins – all of them – big and small.

I’m not talking about booking a cruise because you made a $100 sale. But you might treat yourself to a special coffee or lunch out or something appropriate to the sale. Bigger rewards with bigger achievements.

If you don’t celebrate you who will?

So many of our friends and relatives don’t really understand us or what we do…

Celebrate you – celebrate your wins.

Thank yourself… do it today!

– and you don’t need an award to tell you that.

To Your Success –

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