The Things You Appreciate

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Storms rolled through the metro Atlanta area Sunday evening. Trees were down. The electricity went out.

I had no electricity for 26.5 hours. Other than when I lived in Florida and went through hurricanes, I’ve never been without electricity for that long before.

At first, I was enjoying the quiet. It’s amazing how much white noise we have daily in our lives.

It was 90 degrees both days, so it got hot. And I also realize how lucky I am to have a roof over my head and no real damage.

I also realized how hard it is to be productive when you don’t have electricity. No computer… means no email, no internet…no noise.

I spent part of the day reading. There’s something about reading that always creates clarity and perspective for me.

One of the things I’ve always done is taken a day every month to disconnect and read and catch up on things. It’s a disconnect day and not having electricity for more than a day reminded me again of the importance of that.

It’s similar to working ON your business. Most of us spend too much time working in our business and not enough time working on our business

How much time are you investing working ON your business every week?

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