This Also Costs Nothing!

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For somebody who said they don’t travel as much as they used to, I flew two weekends in a row.

And, what a different experience this past weekend!

It all started at the Atlanta airport… in the lady’s room, of all places!

The attendant who was cleaning the bathroom greeted every single person who entered with a good morning and then directed us to which stall she wanted us to use. She even offered to watch our bags if we wanted to leave them outside the stall. And we each got a blessing as we left.

And she recognized me on my second visit before I boarded my plane.
(Don’t judge me… I had a lot of water that morning)

Then on the return trip I was also pleasantly surprised by the gate agent at the Dayton Airport.

In addition to her gate duties, she was in charge of the “Dayton Delights” which consisted of complimentary snacks and drinks… and some throwing of some small footballs, but that’s a story for another day.

She was having some fun. And made sure everyone else did – whether you wanted to or not…

Even with the stress of a late arriving flight and people being concerned about missing their connections in Atlanta, there wasn’t one harsh word spoken by anybody. I’m convinced it was because she was so proactive, helpful and pleasant.

She offered reassurances and made sure people knew they were “protected” if they did miss their connections. (I learned “protected” meant they were already booked on the next flight and guaranteed a seat if they did miss their connections)

She got all the passengers on a full flight in record time. I’ve never seen a flight boarded so fast and people in their seats ready to go before.

And, I had the pleasure of sitting beside a very nice young man and we talked about all kinds of things on the short one-hour flight to Atlanta.

It cost none of these people anything to be nice. My guess is they all felt better throughout their day and at the end of it for being who they each were.

One thing is for sure… each of them made a lot of lives better just by being who they were on that day.

It’s so nice to be in the presence of smiling happy people who spread their joy and love with smiles and kind words.

I hope I can do that for you as well – even if it’s just by sharing this story with you today!

Have an amazing day!

Spread some of your joy today – make a difference in somebody else’s life. If just for today!

You matter!

You make a difference!

To Your Success –

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