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We all use tools, in our lives and in our businesses.

Have you noticed there are some “new” tools available to our businesses right now and it seems to be all everyone’s talking about?

Yes, I’m talking about AI. Chat GPT. Jasper. And I’m sure there are more I haven’t listed. One thing is for sure, there are more like it on the way!

These aren’t really new tools. They’re really just getting renewed attention.

Are they cool?… Absolutely.
Can you use these to save time, energy and money?… Yes.
Will these help you write emails and other copy?… Sure.

And it’s a tool. Just like the other tools you use in your business… and in your life. It’s there to make your life easier, to allow you to leverage in your business, and to help you in areas where you might need it.

Like any tool you can use it a lot or a little.

You use tools in your business every day. Your CRM for example. You might use tools to post on social media. The list goes on and on.

This is just another tool. It’s not magic… as much as it may seem to be right now because it’s the new popular thing everyone seems to be talking about.

You will always be the magic in your business.
You will always be the one setting the strategy for your business.
You will always be the one responsible for the results you get in your business.

No tool will ever be able to do that.

And be aware that there will suddenly be a whole host of new experts on how to use this tool, there will be live events, there will be courses and more. As always, you want to make sure you’re learning from people who are actually in the arena. Learn from people who are teaching from know-how, and not just theory.

Use AI. Don’t use AI. It’s 100% up to you. Just know what you’re using it for, how you’re using it, what the result is that you want, and for a while at least I’d recommend you do some double checking to make sure the tool is accurate and giving you what you want.

If you’re using AI, I’d love to hear about it.

To Your Success –

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