You’ll Never Have To Struggle With Product Development Again

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Everywhere I go whether I’m at an event with a lot of new Information Marketers, or in a room full of seasoned veterans, the one constant I always hear about is the struggle to develop products.  This always surprises me, because making product is really one of the easiest parts of this business.

Product development should be happening every time you do any type of live event, whether it’s a teleseminar, webinar, a live workshop or boot camp.  It’s so easy (and relatively inexpensive) to record audio these days, that you should be recording from your own home studio or office every time you do something.

By always recording what you’re doing, you are always making and developing products.

Speaking of recording, a lot of people find it easier to record their thoughts by talking rather than by writing.  If this is true for you, then you can do it right from your computer in your office-simply, easily, and inexpensively.  It’s just a simple software program, and a headset that plugs into the USB port of your computer.

It’s really easy to take what you have recorded, and have it transcribed (you can find these services online or in your local area).  Once you have the recording and the transcription, you have a sellable product.  You may need to do some editing, or add some more things to your product to increase its perceived value, but you have the meat of a product, just by recording what you’re already doing and having that transcribed.

This is an easy way to make downloadable products too.

Another easy way to develop a product is to have somebody interview you, or you can interview an expert.  Record it, have it transcribed and you have another product.

If you’re writing articles for your online ezine, offline newsletter, or blog, or doing article submission, you could very easily put some of the articles you have already written together and make a product out of those.

These are just a few ideas of ways you can make products that don’t take any additional time on your part.  And, what little effort they do take to put together, can be done by somebody else.

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