Your Business Seasons

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Growing up on a working farm teaches you a lot can be applied to business (if you just look and listen…but almost nobody grows up on a farm anymore).

For example, all farmers and gardeners know you have to prepare the land before you plant the seed, and you have to plant the seed before you can harvest.

Sounds simple and obvious, right?

AND, how many times do you want to see results faster? Get frustrated when things don’t happen “fast enough” or in an instant?

Are you in the right season?

And are you growing the right crop for that season?

Palm trees don’t grow very well in Ohio…it’s not the right environment. But we see them all over Florida…because there is more sunshine, it’s warmer, and so on.

Your business is the same way.

You have to prepare, plant the correct messages, and be patient while the seeds germinate and while you care for them by giving them the right amount of water (too much and you drown them and they rot, too little and they dry up and die). Plant your messages, nurture the relationship with your clients, and be there when they start to grow. Once you do that, they will be firmly planted in your soil where you can help them grow and find ways to serve them.

If you think about this as it relates to the 3 part Marketing Triangle (Message-Market-Media) I talked about in-depth a couple weeks ago (if you missed this 4 part series, go to and you can review it) it’s the same way that works in your business. All 3 things have to line up for it to work properly – on the farm or in your business.

There are seasons to plant, seasons for growing, seasons to harvest, seasons to care for the soil, and even seasons to rest and rejuvenate on the farm just like there are seasons for building your foundation, seasons for growing, seasons for scaling and using leverage, and seasons for rest in your business.

Your seasons may last days, weeks, months or sometimes years. And, sometimes, the seasons may overlap a bit and you may be in two seasons at the same time as one is ending and the other is beginning.

Just like in nature.

I’d love to hear what season your business is in and what your biggest challenge is in going through it…

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