Do You Think Coaching Is About Holding Space?

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I don’t think coaching is all about holding space and asking questions as somebody said in a Facebook group the other day…not at all!

As a matter of fact, I’d go so far as to say that is a bit off the wall.  I can’t imagine Tiger Woods’ putting coach, Serena Williams’ tennis coach, Kobe Bryant’s shooting coach, or Bill Belichick telling them they are just there to hold space for them. My guess is the athletes wouldn’t even be sure what that meant, and they would probably demand their coaches give them some advice, some guidance, and some help…

The definition of a coach is to assist, to instruct, to help…

So, what makes a good coach?

Certainly, there is a case to be made for listening and asking questions as a coach.  I see that as part of the process, but not what a coach fully is.  When I hire a coach (and I’ve worked with one since I started my business) I am looking for somebody to guide me, to assist me, to give me suggestions, to discuss things with me and to share with me their experience.

Hiring a coach is about growing and getting to the next level.  To do that I want to work with somebody who is at a higher level than I am, who is making more money than I am, and who is doing different things – things I can benefit from.

That’s a coach.

To be fair, part of the process is asking questions and listening so you know where the person is in their business and so you can access and make the best recommendations you possibly can. And, by asking questions, you know what obstacles you have to help your client overcome and get beyond.

Mindset is a part of all coaching…even elite athletes, so that is an important part of every coaching relationship.

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