Getting To Your 6 or 7 Figure Business

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Do you ever wonder how to get to your million dollar business?  Maybe you’re still aiming at a six figure business and trying to reach that level.

Here is the first million dollar question…

Are you ready?

How much money do you have to make each month in order to make $100,000.00 in a year?  How about to make a million dollars a year?

You have to know where you’re headed in order to get to where you want to be. This is true for all things in life, not just in your business.PHOTO FOR EZINE

When you get in the car to travel, when the pilot pilots the plane, and in a lot of other situations in life, you have some kind of guidance systems to direct you and to keep you headed in the right direction and on the right path.

In your business, it’s your numbers.

At the Implementation Coaching Event™,” October 8th-10th in Atlanta, Georgia, we’ll set up your financial plan for the rest of 2015 and all of 2016. Then, we’ll take a look at what that looks like in terms of your marketing calendar. In other words, what do you have to do – what programs, products, services, and promotions – do you need to set up to reach your financial goals?

Once you know that then the devil’s in the details…and we’ll do that too – for the next 90 days.

Imagine, how freeing it would be for you (what would that feel like) to know exactly what you were going to do each and every day for the next 90 days, and beyond, and to have it all planned out in 3 short days.  Look out 2016!

It’s going to be amazing!

The Implementation Coaching Event™ is as much about innovation and creativity as it is getting your marketing plan ready. Marketing and business are some of the most creative things you can ever do, so join me in this creative space, where you are free to be fully who you are and to express it in your own way…all while being more productive and getting more done than you have in months!

Prosperity & Abundance to You –


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