How To Avoid This Common Business Frustration Once & For All…

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Are you often frustrated when working with a team member or a vendor because they don’t do things the way you asked them to, or they take longer than you wanted them to, or because there just always seems to be a gap somewhere in the process?

If you’re like most of my clients and other business owners I know, you’ve experienced this at least once (sometimes, once a week, or it might feel like once a day) and it is usually pretty frustrating.

Check out the 6:05 minute video for tips on how you can keep this from happening in your business ever again.

Doesn’t it make sense to you that most of the time we have issues like this in our businesses (and our lives) is because we don’t communicate as well as need to? It really happens because we have in our heads what we want, we know it so well that we don’t always articulate all the details of what we want done, how we want it, or when we want it done by.

We think we did it well because it’s all we’ve been thinking about. Sometimes, our thoughts don’t make it through in our communications with others – we forget an important detail or we skim the surface instead of spelling out what we want.

Or, the worst possible thing happens…we end up just doing it ourselves because it’s easier than taking the time to explain it or to write it all down.  This solution might work in the short term but it spells disaster in the long term for our businesses – because it keeps us where we are, it keeps us small and it keeps us from growing.

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Karen Campbell  on April 25th, 2015

Diane – this is the best video! Have this happen all the time – both with customers and with vendors – and with people who don’t speak the same techie language. When we had our kitchen remodeled in the Fall at our first house in VA, the contractor told us he’d have us in by the “holidays” – we thought he meant Thanksgiving and Christmas. Turned out he meant the 4th of July! Thanks!

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