I Quit…I’m Just Going To Go Get A Job!

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Do you ever feel that way?

Do you ever get so frustrated, fed up, tired, overwhelmed that you think maybe it would be easier to just go get a job and throw in the towel on your business?

Is the challenge of team, your website, your shopping cart, merchant accounts, marketing, social media, not to mention making a profit more than you want, or feel like you can handle sometimes?


What if I told you what you’re feeling is absolutely normal…every business owner I know has experienced it at one time or another.

Most people don’t talk about it – they just wait until the feeling goes away and they go back to work. But, rest assured, it happens to all of us – even me. I talk about this a lot with my coaching and inner circle clients.

You aren’t alone. Many times, what helps me is remembering how much more frustrated I was working for somebody else. That tends to snap me back into reality – I can’t imagine being forced to get up every morning, get dressed and put on make-up, sit in traffic and spend all day doing what somebody else wants me to do – on their schedule, their way, etc.

Comparing yourself to others will always lead you to being frustrated and having these kinds of feelings. Keep looking ahead at where you want to be, keep planning and implementing and you will get there.

By the way, implementing doesn’t mean you’re working all the time and stressed out either. It means you get more done, make more money and have more fun.

Fun is what we’re going to have at the upcoming Implementation Coaching Event™, where I’ll show you how to overcome these frustrating feelings and be more productive and happier in your business every day.

Many times, frustration comes from not seeing the results you want – and that ultimately means you probably aren’t earning the kind of money you want to be making either.

If you’re looking for solutions, check out the Implementation Coaching Event™.

Prosperity & Abundance to You –


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Joyce Parlapiano  on May 28th, 2015

Thanks for calling me back from the edge of the cliff

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