It’s The Nutcracker…

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A friend invited me to see the Nutcracker in Columbia, South Carolina, in early December. Her daughter is a freshman at the University of SC and they were going.

Of course, I said yes!

Believe it or not, I took ballet as a young girl… for a little while. Then I discovered sports and that was all over!

As I’m watching the performance (I had a few questions) I was amazed at the athleticism, strength and focus of the dancers.

As the “snow” fell from the “sky” they kept dancing and I found myself almost holding my breath hoping they didn’t slip and fall with all that stuff on the floor. None of them did.

These dancers had practiced those routines and had many hours of time in before they took the stage – and my guess is they practiced with the “snow” on the floor, so they’re used to it.

Talk about Focus!

To do those lifts and turns and moves with the precision they do takes incredible focus. One second of their attention being off, or on something other than what they’re doing right then could be disastrous – resulting in injuries and more.

Focus is one of the challenges many business owners and entrepreneurs have.

I see it all the time.

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome!

Being distracted by every notification, text, unscheduled phone call, and more.

While every distraction isn’t a risk for personal injury or somebody else getting hurt, it does cost you.

Distractions and lack of focus cost you time. And a waste of time ultimately is a waste of money.

Ever have something get delayed – a launch, an email sequence, a promotion – because something didn’t get done on time?

Did you have to push it back by a day, a week, a month… more?

How much money did you lose because of it?

Most people don’t think about it like that… but it’s the truth… it’s reality.

If you’re ready to stop wasting time and money due to lack of focus, let’s have a conversation about how I might be able to help you.

To Your Success –

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