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The first day of the Implementation Coaching Event™ is underway and people are already asking me about the October event and how they can be sure to get one of the 20 remaining seats…yes, we’re already half way sold out for an event that’s 4 months away (that feels pretty good).

One of the keys to growing your business (and we’re talking about this for an entire afternoon at the Implementation Coaching Event™) is measurement.

Are you measuring your numbers so you can make better marketing and business decisions for yourself?

What gets measured, gets better.

You can’t be strategic in your business if you don’t know your numbers, if you aren’t measuring and tracking your results.

Do you know:

  1. What it costs you to get a new client?
  2. The annual value of your average client?
  3. How long your average client stays with you?

That’s just 3 of the numbers you need to know – watch the video to see the other 2 basic ways – to make better business decisions.

Ask yourself this question…“Do I want to spend 90 days preparing for an event to make $3,000 profit?” If the answer is no, you’d like to make at least double that, then you have to be measuring every step of the way – or you just might get to the end of all that work to discover you hadn’t reached your goal.

Think about the other questions you should be asking yourself about what you probably aren’t measuring in your business right now!

Back to more coaching with my event attendees. There is some implementing going on here!

Prosperity & Abundance to You –


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