Are You Interested or Are You Committed?

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The most successful small business owners and entrepreneurs attend events, are part of coaching programs, and generally invest in themselves to a large degree, and in a variety of ways, because they’re constantly trying to get better in their businesses.

As a successful business owner, you’re always trying to figure out what’s the next thing you can do in your business, to help you grow your business, to help you have better marketing, to be more strategic, to have more successful and profitable events, to make more money with social media, to get better returns from your direct mail, and all the other things we do to be better business owners, and to have better direct response strategies and techniques to use for yourself and your clients.

John Assaraf has a quote that essentially says, “When you’re interested you do what’s convenient, when you’re committed you do whatever it takes.” This quote relates to everything in life, and also reminds me of an athletic perspective.  As an athlete, it’s all about being committed. That means practicing, that means honing in on your craft, and honing in on your skills. And, doing all the things necessary to improve and get better…every single day.

Successful people often get asked why they travel so much, go to so many events, and why they work so hard. The reason successful businesses grow exponentially, the reason these businesses grow during trying and difficult economic times and during times when other people are struggling just a little bit, is partly because of their commitment level. Successful people will do whatever it takes to learn the next new thing, to help the next person, to get in front of somebody, to go meet somebody, or to go have lunch with somebody they want to meet or develop a mutually beneficial relationship with.

Entrepreneurs often have business meetings while they are traveling, at night after they have worked all day, they work in their hotel rooms and whenever they can get a free few minutes to complete tasks.  People sometimes as them when they rest, and they do rest, and they also do business this way because it gives them the lifestyle they want, it allows them to travel and do the things they love to do – so it always seems a lot less like work to them that it might to others.

The question to think about is this: Are you committed?, Are you willing to do whatever it takes to market your business, to grow your business, to learn the right social media skills, not just how to play and have fun on social media, but how to make real money? Are you willing to make the tough decisions? Or are you just doing things because it’s something to do? If you’re going to grow your business, grow it big.

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