Overwhelm Is Costing You Money

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

How much is overwhelm costing you in your business?

Do you get what I call the spinnies?

There’s no reason to let overwhelm, or anything else, cost you money in your business.

As a business owner, you just have to know and accept that you’re never going to be 100% done with everything that needs to be done. There will always be things on your desk, in your inbox, etc. that are incomplete at the end of the day.

The first step is figuring out what causes you to be overwhelmed. For example, how do you work best?  If you’re like me, you work well in an environment where there is a lot of discipline. I simply follow what’s on my calendar to do every day and that works well for me. For others, working that way makes them feel like they’re in jail with no freedom for their creative expression.

If this sounds like you check out the video now!

GOOD NEWS!  As the business owner, you get to decide what works best for you and then set your days and your schedule up the way that works best for you…you just have to set it up so you are productive and it provides you a way to get things completed.

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Rhonda R. Hudgins-Bundy  on February 26th, 2015

Thank you. I really needed this. I’m pretty much the opposite. “Set in Stone” does me in. If I make a set in stone calendar without much flex room, it would overwhelm me in less than a week. However, I know I must find a workable and productive middle ground area and that is what I am working to attain/maintain currently.

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