What’s Keeping You From Moving Forward? 3 Critical Steps To Success In 2012

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NOW is a great time to be thinking of what’s next? in terms of strategic planning and building you marketing plan(s) for the next year.  Have you met your goals for this year? Do you consider this year a success or simply – OK – successful but could have been better?  What is pulling you back or keeping you from the major successes you visualize?

In my years of experience in direct marketing and the information business, I’ve had the opportunity to work with, support and socialize with many entrepreneurs and business owners. Some are very successful and some not so successful.  Some have been in the business for many years and some are just starting out. There is one common element that both have that I want to share with you.

It may be surprising if you think about it, what both groups have in common.  In coaching groups we talk about it all of the time.  The common element is that both kinds of business owners seem to “get in the way” of their own true potential and growth – in business and personally.

What I’m going to explore with you can make the difference in your business right now, today, regardless of how much success you’ve had or haven’t had. Most often in direct marketing, information marketing or any business for that matter, you are defined by what stands between you and your goals; and your level of financial success that is perceived by your peers, competitors and business associates.

Let’s visualize for a moment, that you have all the necessary tools in place to be a huge success in your niche in direct marketing. You have a great product, training program, a mentor that’s committed to move you toward success, and a personal commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Even with all these things in place, you may not be seeing the results you should. What you have to examine for yourself is what your obstacles really are and what you need to do to overcome them. This is essential to getting where you want to go – in business and life in general.

By identifying and understanding what’s standing in your way and blocking your progress, you can develop and implement a plan to break through whatever that “thing” is.

Let’s think about it for a moment… many times, people allow what they cannot do dictate how successful they will be.  Eliminate “can’t or cannot” from your vocabulary.  Clear thinking will guide you around the obstacle.  There is a solution for most obstacles holding you back.

But really, how can you break through this all too common characteristic?

The first thing you have to do is simply get moving. For whatever you have identified as a brick wall in your path, there is always a way around it – but first you must get started.

In direct marketing, information marketing and business in general, not taking action is a killer. Direct marketing is by far one of the simplest business concepts in existence, but it does require one main ingredient – action.

If you are taking action but not seeing the results you want, that action can be corrected, redefined, or modified as you go along. The reverse of this is also true, inaction cannot be corrected. In direct marketing, action and heart are two of the most important keys to success. You need not be perfect to get started, you just have to get started.

This leads to another point I wanted to cover with you – information overload. Information overload is something that must be overcome to achieve success in direct marketing. When I refer to information overload, I’m referring to having too much information too soon. Having this plethora of information all at one time leaves people unsure of where to start, so they never get started. I’m sure you can relate to this.

It’s a common mistake in the information business and in direct marketing that having a multitude of products is necessary to being a success. This is simply not the case. Having too many products can also lead to paralysis, not knowing where to begin or with which product. What is my lead generator – what comprises the “back end” – how do I work the marketing funnel – etc, etc.

Ultimately your business goal, regardless of your topic, niche or what have you, should be to do one thing, one thing at a time AND do it better than anyone else.

There are a few lessons that I want you to “get” from reading this article, since they may make the difference in whether you are successful in your business or less successful than you visualized.

Number one, take immediate action. It does not have to be perfect to get started. Just get started!  Push forward!

Number two, don’t be paralyzed by analyzing everything you do, as this will lead to being fearful of making a mistake. You’ll learn more from mistakes than from successes.  And, many mistakes can lead to huge successes.

Number three, focus massive action on one thing at a time.  More is not always better!! Do one thing at a time, and do it extremely better than anyone else.

Make a Commitment in 2012 to make it your best ever!

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