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pricingDo you struggle with how much to charge clients for your programs, products and services?

Are you looking for a specific formula for pricing?

You can relax in knowing that most business owners struggle with this issue at some point in their careers, and there is no one formula that fits for everyone or every business…

The big thing is you don’t want to think of yourself and your business as a commodity – because then you have to worry about what others are charging and you have to fit in that range.

You have things that make you unique and different than others.  People will pay for your expertise – whether you think of yourself as an expert or not.  (If you know 10% more than somebody else, you are an expert to them.)

How have you positioned yourself in your market?  How do you relay your value in the marketplace?

This is just one of the things we’ll be dealing with at the very last Implementation Coaching Event™ which is only a few weeks away. It’s February 11-12, in Atlanta, Georgia, and you don’t want to miss it. Space is very limited, and this is the VERY LAST TIME I’m ever going to do this event, so reserve your spot now…before it’s too late!

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