The Importance Of Monetizing All Aspects Of Your Client List…Members And Non-Members Alike

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Are you leaving money on the table? Have you thought about how you’re monetizing your business, and more importantly, who you’re monetizing in your business?

If you have a membership program or site, a continuity program that has members paying you a monthly fee, a paid newsletter that you mail, or if you get on the phone with your subscribers or bring experts to them, then you have members. Members are the people who are paying you regularly. They are subscribers to your services. They might pay you every month, or once a year, for that product or service.

A few examples would be a coaching program, a newsletter, or a monthly call of some sort that you host…whatever it is, your members are paying you for whatever you are delivering. They pay for something they receive on a regular basis that you’re offering in your business. Those are the part of my list you call your members.

You also have people subscribed to your list who are non-members. Non-members might be clients versus prospects, people who have spent money with you in the last 12 to 18 months, or are currently spending money with you, just not on an ongoing or regular basis. When you look at your list, you need to segment it into the subscribers, or members, and the non-members.

The people on our list are special, you have developed a relationship with your clients and prospects.  You should be thinking about ways to monetize the people on your list who are non-members, just like you are monetizing the members.

Are you monetizing the non-members like you’re monetizing your members? If you’ve never thought about it that way, you have an excellent opportunity to grow your business and monetize your non-members just like you do your members.

You could do this in a variety of ways. Do you have products and services you can offer, or an event that’ approaching that would be a good fit for your non-members to come to? Do you have a webinar you could invite just your non-members to? Remember, you have to continue to market to your non-members, and to monetize your non-members, just like you monetize your members.

You want to continually nurture and grow your relationship with the people on your list who are non-members, and bring them through the funnel of our business and continue to try to get them into your member’s area.

You might have tend to think about your regularly paying members more than your non-members, but there’s a lot of hidden money in the non-member section of your list. You always want to be thinking about how you’re monetizing your entire list, not just your members. Both of these list segments have to be monetized, and you want to strive to equally monetize both of these segments of you list at the same level. In other words you want to be making as much money from your non-members as you are your members.

Continually be thinking about how to convert your non-members into members. You will always have people trending back and forth, but if you remember to continue marketing to your non-members you will have better balance in your business.

Monetizing your entire list, your non-members as well as your members, will make a huge increase in your income every year and for many years to come.

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