The Top 10 Reasons Why You MUST Invest In Yourself And Your Business By Finding A Coach Or Mentor And By Attending Workshops, Seminars And Events

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  1. Entrepreneurial-ship is lonely specially, if you work from home. Working from home does have advantages no doubt about it. You can work in whatever attire you choose no makeup, eat whenever you please, sleep whenever you want to, etc.  There are also many distractions.   If you are a procrastinator, you can always find something in the house to distract you from the things you REALLY should be doing.
  2. Network Up! Find the successful people you want to aspire to and network with them.  Let’s face it, if you want to grow your business you must do what other successful people are doing to grow their business.  If you want to be a millionaire – act like a millionaire and do what they do.  Also you are known many times by the people you associate with.  Networking up can give you a strategic leg up.
  3. 3. Discover strategic partnerships that can help you grow your business. One is never a good number in marketing and business.  Everyone needs help with fresh leads, and complementary products and services to help their business grow. Who do you know that you can build a relationship with to position yourself as the “go-to” person for a specific product or service for their customers or clients?  Look for “win-win” opportunities.

  4. Discover vendors and resources to help you implement faster.  Many times you’ll see vendors at different workshops and events.  If the event promoter has done a good job at selecting vendors, you’ll find that they offer services that you can use to implement actions in your business such as; printers, direct mail experts, video specialists, marketing tools and software.  These vendors allow you to outsource activities or ease tasks that you may be doing yourself.
  5. Learn new strategies. Is there any better way to learn new strategies, whether it be marketing, product development or service related activities, than to be rubbing elbows with other business owners who are discovering new tips and strategies than at a workshop, seminar or event?  Decrease your learning curve by paying attention to strategies that are working NOW.
  6. Swipe and redeploy other successful marketing and business strategies.  Why reinvent the wheel?  You should never COPY another marketer’s “stuff”; but taking what that marketer has done successfully and crafting it to your business can save you time and money.  Gather a swipe file of advertisements, direct mail pieces, post cards, web pages, squeeze pages and email campaigns.  When you’re crafting your campaign or message doesn’t start with a blank page.  Use the examples you collected and redeploy them with your words and style.
  7. Invest in continuing education.  When considering a coaching situation, attendance at a workshop, seminar or event, don’t think of it as spending money.  Continuing education is an investment in your business, your personal growth and your future.  Successful business owner are true students of their craft and their business.  Coaches can hold you accountable for forward momentum and help you bust through barriers.  But remember, coaches are not responsible for your implantation – only you are.
  8. Join a coaching group or mastermind that you resonate with. There are many coaching groups available to you.  You can easily find a group that fits your style and business level.  Coaching and mastermind groups have many advantages than going “it” alone.  Her are just a few:  comradely, accountability, mindset growth, business growth, vacation from the same old stuff every day, alliances that are “win-Win”, learning new things and strategies, and more.  You should always find a way to pay yourself back for your initial investment several times over from your coaching groups.
  9. Change your environment to stimulate creative flow.  When you change your environment you shake up your brain cells.  You’ll come up with idea after idea that you can implement in your business.  Write down all of your new ideas and prioritize them so you can inject them in your business one at a time.  These ideas come from being around other entrepreneurs and create an atmosphere that is unstoppable.  Don’t allow yourself to stagnate or you’ll find yourself stagnated in your business as well.
  10. Have Fun… Laugh… Relax… And enjoy the process!  As an entrepreneur you probably find that working alone or feeling alone is not fun.  Create relationships with people you meet – have fun – laugh a lot – relax and let your positive energy recharge.

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Brandcoachkelly  on September 10th, 2012

So true Diane! It took me a long time after I decided to be my own boss to ask for help. Before I made the investment and hired a coach, I was going in circles. I was working really, really hard and not seeing any results. I had assumed that because I had a successful career in marketing that I could easily teach others how to do it – I was so wrong! I don’t care how much experience and expertise you have, it’s almost impossible to be a successful entrepreneur without investing in yourself. Get the help & support you need!

DianeConklin  on September 10th, 2012

Thanks for sharing your story – so many of us had the same experience.

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